Recounted for ages, always where… we're going to play it again. The Disney Quiz is the first themed quiz of this season!

What do you know about Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh or the man himself, Walt Disney? In eight rounds you will find out and you might just walk away with a thematic main prize and a beer package from the Poort van Kleef.

We know Disney has a thing for Star Wars and Marvel… but we're not going to talk about that. What is? All the films, the Donald Duck, the amusement parks and the films from Walt Disney Pictures… that means that Pixar can also come along this year and that we can ask questions about, for example, The Pirates of the Caribbean or perhaps Jungle Cruise. So quickly binge on Disney+ for a month!

You can register by sending a message to 06 15 330 440

We have space for a maximum of ten teams so be on time.

Every Monday you can participate with our weekly pubquiz. Get used to it, we make our quiz ourselves and it is therefore slightly different than the ones you might play elsewhere.

We're working towards a quiz that as more and more accesible for an english speaking crowd, but dutch is the basis for our quiz.

Every night you can participate with two to four people in a team. You pay twelve euros to play and we start at 20.30h. After six rounds, around 22.30h you might be the team thata wins a price package of liqor store De Poort van Kleef.

Each season consists of ten quiz nights, a finale and two special theme quizes!

The next theme quizzes wil be:

September 20th: DISNEY

Novemeber 1st: DRAG(RACE)



Do you have what it takes to be the winner of our first Drag(race) themed pubquiz?

At het Glas in Lood we organize weekly pubquizzes, but this one is going to be something more...

Expect special guests... expect a show... expect an extravaganza!

We'll be asking you a lot about the show, but also about drag herstory. We'll be handing out fabolous prices left and right, but the team who owns it all and slays the competition will be condragulated with the main prize of one hundred, thousand.... well no... it will be an awesome price package you'll go home with... and we will reveal it soon!

One thing we can reveal already is our first main guest... local queen Rose Murphy! She will be performing as part of the show.

Also we can introduce to you the host of the evening.... but we won't. Her name will remain a secret... although it might be that her boy-name is Maarten.

So gather your squirrel friends... teams can count up to four heads. Drag up if you feel like it. Tickets will be 10 euro's per person.

Apply be sending an e-mail to Dragrace@cafehetglasinlood.nl